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Upload your MP3 file to the "Media" folder. Then switch to code view and change the file name "sample.mp3" to the name of your file. Alternately, you may upload your MP3 files to the Media/playlist folder and set "mediaPath=../media/playlist.xml". You may also adjust the color scheme by changing firstColor, secondColor, backColor and strokeColor to a hexadecimal equivalent of your desired colors. You may also adjust width "65" or the height "21". If you want the audio to play as soon as the page loads, add "&autoPlay=true" to the end of the "FlashVars" parameters. You may also set the default volume by adding "&defaultVolume=xx" to the "FlashVars" parameters where "xx" is a 2-digit number representing the percent volume. If you would like the MP3 file to start buffering immediately upon opening the page, add "&autoLoad=true" to the end of "FlashVars" parameters. (Note: If you have changed folders from the defaults in your config.php file, you may need to change the paths to the flash player and the playlist using source view.)

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